Monday, February 20, 2012

Gone but not forgotten.... Mom, u r Forever in my heart

Its been so long since my last blog post. I didn't even get the chance to wish everyone happy new year and its almost the end of february.

I've been busy with stuff & couldn't find the time to update. My bad, yea I know. Will try my best to update more often from now on.

Well, 2011 went by so quickly, left me with lots of sweet & bitter memories. I will never forget 9/12/11. My beloved mom passed away on this very day. (sudden death). Its been hard for me to deal with her death & its harder to move on as every little thing that I do, reminds me of her.

Its even harder as she passed away 4 days before my birthday! My birthday will never be the same ever again! Nothing will ever be the same again. I still remember, just a few days before she passed away, we shared a slice of red velvet cake. I told her thats the cake I want for my birthday. We made plans for my birthday. Little did I know that she'll be gone forever and thats the last cake I'll ever share with her.

My last memories with her, is that red velvet cake. Everytime I look at red velvet cake, it brings tears to my eyes. On my birthday, I waited for her call to wish me happy birthday. I forgot that she's gone ... forever. I cried when i realised she's gone, they'll be no more wishes, phone calls, presents, hugs, jokes.... There'll be nothing from this day onwards, and I feel so empty inside.

Its not easy dealing with sudden death, gone, just like that. So many things I want to share and do with her. Sighhh.... All I have now, are memories of her and me. I will never forget it and she'll forever be in my heart, always.

Life is too short!

Mum, I luv you and miss you oh so dearly!